Teaching Concept: Ju-Jitsu for Kids system is based on a lifetime learning concept in addition to technical skills. Our basic building blocks for the Ju-jitsu for Kids system are monthly themes, including the following: Courtesy, Respect, Confidence, Honesty, Perseverance, Self-Discipline.

This training system involves instruction that teaches the basic fundamentals of self-defense along with building personal development in such areas of integrity, self-control, confidence, perseverance, respect, loyalty and self-esteem. All classes are taught using the most safe, fun and exciting instruction methods available for this age group. Your child will actively participate to obtain his/her goals. This is a great way for kids to get exercise and have fun! 


There are many reasons why adults participate in Jujitsu training. It is a great way to get in shape and maintain a sound physical fitness regimen. It also is an excellent way for you to gain the proper self-defense skills that every person should have in today's society. The benefit of knowing how to ensure your safety in any given situation gives you a sense of control and empowerment over everything you do in your daily life.

Specifics: This training system is effective for adults, no matter what the fitness level or age. It teaches the basic fundamentals of self-defense while providing a strong cardiovascular workout. The high level of personal challenge also aids in relieving stress and tension.



While we offer a high degree of individualized attention in the group classes, some people find it quite beneficial to schedule private lessons. Whether it is for extra work on class curriculum, or to design a specific program that is right for you, private lessons are available.

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We offer several specialized programs throughout the year such as, Officer street survival, women’s self defense, seminars, and more.

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